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Learn How To Remove Rust From A Metal Garage Door And Keep It Protected

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If rust has formed on the bottom portion of your metal garage door, don't call a garage door service just yet; learn how to remove it and restore the door back to its original condition yourself. After doing so, you can keep the door protected in the future to prevent rust from forming again.

Use The Following Materials

  • sponge
  • water hose
  • steel wool pad
  • white vinegar
  • detergent
  • low and fine grit sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • painter's tape
  • lint-free cloth
  • rust-inhibiting spray primer (for exteriors)
  • rust-inhibiting spray paint (for exteriors)
  • drop cloth

Clean The Door And Remove The Rust

Clean the door off with with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the surface with a water hose. Wait for the door to dry. Remove the rust that is on the door by pouring a small amount of white vinegar on a lint-free cloth and applying it to the rusted areas. Leave the vinegar on the door's surface for several minutes. It is a product that naturally dissolves rust. Rub the door's surface with a steel wool pad to assist with removing stubborn rust stains. After all of the visible rust has been removed, rinse the door off with a water hose.

Sand And Prime The Door

Sand the areas that were previously rusted with a hand sander. Begin with a piece of low grit paper. Rub the sander over the door's surface until it is smooth. Lightly sand over the same spots with a piece of fine-grit paper. Use a tack cloth to remove sanding dust on the door's surface. Lay a drop cloth in front of the door to protect the ground from primer and paint. Place pieces of painter's tape over the door's hardware and around windows to keep them protected, as well.

Apply a coat of rust inhibiting spray primer that is designed for exteriors over the door's entire surface. Begin at the top or bottom corner and apply it in an even line. Continue moving over and applying it in straight lines until the door is covered completely. Wait a few hours for the primer to dry. 

Add Paint

Apply a coat of rust-inhibiting spray paint for exteriors that matches the original color of the door. Apply it in straight, even lines. Wait for the paint to dry completely before adding a second coat. After the paint dries, remove the painter's tape. Your door will be restored back to its original condition. The newly added primer and paint will prevent rust from forming in the future. Keep the door clean on a regular basis to keep it looking great.