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Garage Door Safety Tips

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A garage door can be quite heavy, which means it can damage property or cause serious injury to people or pets if it comes down unexpectedly. The following safety tips can help you keep your family secure and ensure that your garage door remains in proper working order.

Tip #1: Test the safety "eyes"

Garage doors are equipped with sensors, or eyes, near floor level. These eyes send out a beam of light, which when broken signals the garage door to stop downward motion and to move back up. As long as the eyes are working properly, the door should stop moving downward if an object or person falls or walks beneath the door while it is in motion. Test the eyes by placing a block of wood or other sturdy object between them. If the door refuses to operate or reverses motion, then they are properly adjusted. If the door continues moving, you can manually move the sensors until they are aligned and working properly.

Tip #2: Place openers properly

The wall opener of the garage can be a hazard if you have younger children, since it isn't safe to allow them to operate the door on their own. Although the safety eyes will stop a door from crushing a child, they can still injure themselves on a moving door by touching the tracks or getting their fingers caught in a hinge. Install the wall opener high enough so that a child cannot reach it easily; this way an adult will be the one operating the door and verifying that no one is near enough to it to get an injury.

Tip #3: Inspect the springs

The door springs are what holds the tension of the door so it can open and close properly. If a spring breaks, it can fly across the garage and cause injury. Visually inspect the springs once a month for signs of wear or damage. This can include rust or corrosion, damage to any of the brackets the springs attach to, or a stretched or warped appearance to the spring. If the springs look different or damaged, have them professionally replaced. Due to the high tension it isn't safe to replace them yourself.

Tip #4: Maintain the rollers and hinges

A properly operating door is a safe door, since it is less likely to come off the tracks or get stuck during an emergency situation. Lubricate the hinges on the doors every spring and fall. A drop of garage door-specific lubricant in each hinge is sufficient. Also, make sure the tracks are kept free of debris by sweeping them out, and lubricate the rollers in the tracks twice a year. These two tasks will keep your door moving smoothly and more quietly.

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