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The Biggest Reasons Why Garage Doors Fail Faster Than They Should

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You may take your garage door for granted, but of the door gets stuck or is no longer functional, it is definitely easy to appreciate the value it provides to you and your home. While most garage doors and garage door components will have a lengthy lifespan with the proper maintenance, there are some things you may do as a homeowner that can shorten this duration. If you want your garage door to last you and your home as long as possible, there are a few HUGE mistakes that you should work to avoid. 

Mistake: Using WD-40 to lubricate the moving components of your garage door. 

Why? Spray lubricants like WD-40 may be a convenient way to add a shot of grease to things like the garage door springs or slides, but this is not the best choice. This form of lubrication will always be short-lived. Spray lubricants are a thinner consistency, so they dry out quickly. It is best to go with a heavy lithium grease that is dense enough to stick around in spite of the exposure to the elements and constant movement.   

Mistake: Not keeping your garage door clean throughout the year. 

Why? Your garage door is constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, it can accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, dust, and debris over the course of a year. Even though a dirty garage door just doesn't look good, it is also a good idea to keep it clean for maintenance reasons. Excessive amounts of dirt may prevent the hinging sections of the door from being able to move properly. Dirt and grime can even be corrosive to metal doors, causing the material to deteriorate far sooner than it should. It is always best to use soap and water to scrub down the garage door, including the cracks and crevices, at least a few times a year. 

Mistake: Not keeping the balance of the garage door in check. 

Why? An ill-balanced garage door can cause problems all the way around. If your garage door is not supported equally on either side, it will compromise the life of your garage door opener because it will have to work harder to get the door open. An ill-balanced door can also be damaging to the springs and cables. You should check that your garage door is balanced on occasion by disconnecting the automatic opener when the door is closed and then opening the door manually. If the door does not open in a level manner or you have to really struggle to push it up, you will need to adjust the tensioner springs to get everything back in line.  

For further assistance, contact local garage door repair professionals.