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Home Safety: Helpful Hints For Securing Your Garage Door

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Your garage door is the largest opening to your home, so it should be a priority when you are planning your home security. Garage doors that are not properly secured is a prime target for burglars, especially if the interior door to your house is not secure. Your home could become easily vandalized in no time at all if your garage is not properly locked. The following are some tips for ensuring your garage remains safe and sound:  

Lock The Garage Door From The Inside

If you are planning to be away from your house for hours or even days at a time, take a moment to go inside your garage and lock it using an interior locking system just as you would any other door in your home. It can be inconvenient since you first have to back the vehicle out and go back in to lock it, but it is so worth doing in order to prevent your home from becoming vandalized.

Change Your Access Codes

Most all garage door access panels located just outside the door have a security code that is preset by the manufacturer. Some homeowners fail to take the time to reset the code to something undetectable and personalized. Thieves are on to this and can easily attempt to key in numbers into your access panel. If you have not changed it from the preset code, anyone can gain access just by the push of a few buttons.   

Place Curtains On Windows

If you have a garage door that has window panels, be sure to cover them with curtains or some form of covering on them when you are away. This can prevent anyone from seeing any valuables that are in your garage when you are away. It can also prevent anyone seeing where your interior door is located, which can be enticing to those who wish to get into your home.

Disable Your Garage Door Opener

If you are going to be away from home for many days, you need to consider disabling your garage door opener until you return. This way, no one can physically open the door. Also, there are very innovative thieves that can often hack into a garage door opener. By disabling your system, you will take away their ability to try to get inside while you are away.

No matter if you are gone from you home for one day or for two weeks, you need to ensure that your garage door is secure. These helpful hints can help you have some peace of mind with regard to the safety of your home. Always check with your garage door installation company (such as to see if there are additional security measures available for your garage door model.