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Three Things Not To Forget When Installing A New Garage Door

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If you're about to have a new garage door installed on your home, you're likely looking forward to having a door that functions smoothly and that doesn't have the cosmetic flaws of your old door. But before you install the door, ensure you've made arrangements for these three things that you may have forgotten about. Depending on where you live, forgetting these could make your garage door installation a lot less satisfying and a lot more expensive.

City and County Permits

You're not adding a whole garage, just changing the door on the existing one. So that should be a small change when it comes to overall remodeling, right? No -- many cities require that you get a permit to replace your garage door. For example, Daly City, California, requires permits for not only adding a garage but replacing the door on an existing garage, too. And Pinellas County, in Florida, requires any residents there to get a building permit to replace a garage door. If you start work without a permit, you could face fines and delays in your work that leave your garage in an unfinished state.

New Barrier

On the ground near where the door rests when it's closed is (or should be) a barrier that prevents leaves from blowing into the garage under the door. If you don't have a barrier there, remember to add one; not only will it block leaves, but it will serve as partial insulation and keep larger pests out. If you currently have a barrier that's been there a while, replace it. You want one that's the right configuration and height for your new door, and you want the barrier you have to be in good condition so it will last as long as your new garage door.

New Opener

If the garage door opener and remote you've been using are very old, they might still use a fixed code to let you into the garage. This is a relatively insecure method that was overtaken by openers with rolling codes that make it harder for people to break into your garage by hacking into the remote's transmission. At the very least, a new opener will be better suited to lifting and lowering the weight of the new door, which could be substantially different from the old door.

If you have other questions about garage door replacement, or if you prefer to have a professional company do the job and take care of permits, contact a garage door company as soon as you can to start getting bids. Replacing the door isn't a difficult, drawn-out task if you have all the permits and plans in place.