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4 Reasons Your Garage Door May Be Malfunctioning

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There may be multiple reasons that your garage door is not functioning the way that it should. Here are a few of them:  

The photo eyes of your garage door may be dirty.

Your garage door may include a mechanism called a photo eye. There should be one eye on each side of the door. Between the photo eyes, there is a beam that prevents the garage door from shutting when the beam is interrupted. Thus, if you're having a problem closing your garage door, the problem could be related to the photo eyes.

Dirt or any other debris present on the photo eyes can interrupt their beam. In addition, the beam may not work properly if the photo eyes are misaligned. As a result, your garage door may seem stuck in an open position.

There may be dirt on the roller tracks preventing your garage door from fully closing before reopening.

Although your garage door may include a safety mechanism that prevents it from closing completely if it encounters an object in its path, the door may also close partially and reopen because of dirt or debris. If there is dirt on the roller tracks of the garage door, it may block the door from closing completely. Once this build-up is removed, the door is likely to shut completely instead of shutting partially and then opening repeatedly.

Your neighbor may be operating his or her garage door on the same frequency.

If your garage door appears to be exhibiting paranormal activity, such as opening and closing on its own, it may be due to your neighbors. Sometimes, neighbors may operate their garage door on the same frequency that you use for yours. This can cause your door to open each time your neighbors open their garage door with their transmitter. 

Your garage door's disconnect switch has become unhooked.

Your garage door opener includes a switch that disconnects the door to allow it to be manually opened or closed if there is a power failure. The disconnection switch is hooked to a string or latch and can be unhooked inadvertently. If you noticed that the switch has become unhooked, simply reattach it.

To have a professional troubleshoot the issues concerning your garage door, schedule an appointment with a garage door specialist in your area. He or she will able to assess your door problems and suggest a suitable remedy or repair the issue quickly.